Imagine a World Free of Terror

Many Americans are unaware that October 7-style terrorist attacks happen every few days in Africa. Christians and moderate Muslims in Nigeria, Sudan, and other African nations are routinely raped, murdered, and enslaved by Islamic extremist groups.

This ongoing atrocity has been called the "silent genocide" because it has been shockingly ignored and under-reported in the West.

In light of this, a coalition of African and Jewish leaders have formed The African Jewish Alliance. This organization works to raise awareness of the silent genocide, and of the ideological connection between terrorist attacks in Israel and Africa, and the "free Palestine" movement in the West.

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Act Locally to Resist Islamic Terrorism

One way to raise awareness of Islamic terrorism in Africa is to propose this Resolution to your city council and/or state legislature.

The Resolution can be modified to fit your taste and circumstances and all of the groups comprising the African Jewish Alliance will show their public support for it, either by signing it with you, or by sending a separate letter of support.

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